The new fish in the sea

There is a lot of Fishing games out there – new and old ones, paid and free. Even pay as you go games. To mention a few of the big ones; Fishing Planet, Trophy Fishing, Euro Fishing and the new one which seems to do okay; Just fishing.

Now I have never tried a fishing game like Ultimate Fishing Simulator. Even though it’s Early Access on Steam I’m so hyped about the game. The developer is very active and updates very often.

The game

I bought this game after I spend some hours playing Planet Fishing. I love that game since its SO detailed and beautiful – though my only concern is the amount of money the game seems to want from me. No like!

So, I went with Ultimate Fishing Simulator after reading their forums. The game seemed nice and a “buy once and play forever” opportunity.

The game itself is lagging a bit of content, optimising and more fish, but mind yourself: This game is early access and there is A LOT of content for an early access game to be honest. Lots of reel, rod, lines, bait and even boats in some of the areas. Currently we have 3 different areas to fish in – or actually 4 since you can get in your boat (YES! after paying a fee for the area, in-game currency) and sail to the open sea!

The developer is very active, updates often and even when they say its christmas vacation the updates are coming out. Good stuff! In the future they promise more fish such as Blue Merlin. Can’t wait to fight one of these!


This game is a must own if you’re into fishing simulation! I can recommend this all day long. Great game. OK graphics. Lots of content. Active development.

Let me know what you catch!

If you got some tips for us you would like to share, don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments. Everything is welcome.

The guide

This guide is writting 100% from my experience in the game and I will add more content to this blog as soon as I level up and catch new fish, bigger fish – also sharks, whenever that happen!

I currently use this equipment:

Dakino AGH-175 rod with a Dakino ZAM-F50 Reel. Okena TTU-XIII Line simply because my level doesn’t allow me any better yet. Sadface!

I always stick with the best reel, rod and line and then change the hook and bait for whatever I’m fishing for.

Betty Lake

 Fish Hook Bait Max Kg. Method
Brown Trout Kubot E-77 Big Cutbait 18,97 Flaot 1.5m
Rainbow Trout Kubot E-77 Dragonfly 4.38 Float 1.5m
Bull Trout Kubot Okena Gx356 Spoon 2.83 Lift & Drop
Cutthroat Trout Kubot E-75 Fly 0.51 Float
Brook Trout Kubot E-76 Cutbait Big 0.76 Float

Powell Lake

 Fish Hook Bait Max Kg. Method
Striped Bass Okena Gx357 Spoon 6.20 Straight Slow 2m

Pinas Bay

 Fish Hook Bait Max Kg. Method
Dorado Kubot E-77 Natural Egg 7.26 Float
Rainbow Runner Kubot E-77 Natural Egg 22.55 Float
Greater Amberjack Kubot E-77 Dragon Fly 18.34 Float

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