I currently mainly use this equipment:

Dakino AGH-175 rod with a Dakino ZAM-F50 Reel. Okena TTU-XIII Line.

Betty Lake


 Fish Hook Bait Max Kg. Method
Brown Trout Kubot E-77 Big Cutbait 18,97 Flaot 1.5m
Rainbow Trout Kubot E-77 Dragonfly 4.38 Float 1.5m
Bull Trout Kubot Okena Gx356 Spoon 2.83 Lift & Drop
Cutthroat Trout Kubot E-75 Fly 0.51 Float
Brook Trout Kubot E-76 Cutbait Big 0.76 Float
Brown Trout

Powell Lake


 Fish Hook Bait Max Kg. Method
Striped Bass Okena Gx357 Spoon 6.20 Straight Slow 2m


 Fish Hook Bait Max Kg. Method
Dorado Kubot E-77 Natural Egg 7.26 Float
Rainbow Runner Kubot E-77 Natural Egg 22.55 Float
Greater Amberjack Kubot E-77 Dragon Fly 18.34 Float

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